In today's economy, education is the passport to success - but it doesn't necessarily have to be a four-year degree. Half of all U.S. jobs today can be defined as 'middle skill' - requiring a two-year associate's degree or some post-high school technical training. Over the next five years, one of every two new jobs will continue to fall into this category.

In Indiana, many of these jobs are in advanced manufacturing and logistics; manufacturing positions pay an average of 40% above the state's median income, while logistics jobs pay 30% more. These are jobs with bright futures that your students can be proud of. In today's high-tech facilities, it's not about standing at an assembly line all day - it's working with the latest technologies at some of the most innovative companies in the world. 

These are fast-paced, engaging careers that require the critical thinking and analytical skills gained through specialized training. Because perceptions are stuck in the past, students and workers are not exploring the advanced manufacturing and logistics careers of the future. The truth is that today's logistics and manufacturing professionals are more likely to work on a team, with computers and advanced robotic systems, than stand at a line performing repetitive tasks - and we need to help them understand that.

Manufacturing and logistics could be promising fields for students in your classrooms who aren't sure about their plan after high school, have a mechanical aptitude or just a knack for figuring out how things work. Let them know that a high school diploma by itself just doesn't cut it - the key to success in today's economy is continuing education beyond 12th grade.  

Educator Resources and Opportunities

  • is a one-stop electronic shop for advanced manufacturing and logistics career info in Indiana. Have your students spend time on the site and sign up to learn about opportunities, resources, and companies in their region of the state. 
  •  The Dream It. Do It. Champion program uses high school educators to help students better understand these industries and the careers available in them. Conexus Indiana and its regional partners have implemented Champion programs in Central Indiana, Northeast Indiana, and Southeast Indiana. Champions work within high schools to raise student awareness through field trips, career fairs, presentations, etc., and help students understand where they can get the post-secondary education industry demands.
  • Conexus Indiana has worked with industry leaders to identify the skills needed in a successful middle-level advanced manufacturing and logistics employee. This skills template provides a thorough account of exactly what a quality AML education should encompass; Conexus is currently working with the Department of Education and individual schools to implement these skills into Indiana high school courses. Review the template to see if you're incorporating these industry-needed skills in your school.

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