For more than three years, IAC members have been collaborating with Indiana’s research institutions and the IAC’s founding partners – the Indiana Economic Development Corporation and Conexus Indiana. Their overarching purpose: take an industry that is a strong and thriving part of Indiana’s economy and push it to achieve beyond its own expectations. To nurture innovation. To provide new pathways to success for the Hoosier workforce. To maintain and grow Indiana’s position in the global automotive industry.

The result of this remarkable alliance is A Strategic Plan for Indiana’s Automotive Future. More than a recitation of Indiana’s auto making heritage and historic strength, the plan is an unflinching look at where the industry stands today and where it can lead the state’s economy and growth in the future. The plan is ambitious and achievable, identifying specific, measurable goals and the tactics that can accomplish them. It holds the IAC, government, and higher education accountable to fulfill the state’s promise to future generations.

Among key initiatives is the call to develop the best automotive workforce in the nation – in part through active participation in the successful Conexus Indiana educational programs Dream It. Do It. and Hire Technology, and other programs, such as Project Lead the Way. But the plan identifies additional tactics, as well: expanded internship and co-op programs, automotive roadshows, on-site training, and tuition deferment and reimbursement initiatives – all aimed at developing a pipeline of talent beginning with K-12 education and continuing through advanced education and lifelong learning.

This in-depth exploration into what tomorrow’s industry needs for success includes other key strategies, each with its own detailed plan and measurable, achievable tactics:

  • Develop a more robust and comprehensive supply chain, developing and attracting suppliers offering key capabilities, and providing incentives for suppliers to move closer to Indiana advanced automotive manufacturing sites.
  • Create a recognized pipeline for future automotive innovation by improving higher education assets.
  • Make Indiana the recognized leader in automotive innovation, promoting the depth and breadth of the state’s industry by increasing its influence within our borders, and promoting environmental stewardship.

The IAC was created to strengthen Indiana’s competitiveness in the global automotive marketplace, stimulating long-term job creation and capital investment. Collaboration between industry, government and education will create stronger, forward-looking partnerships focusing on innovation and growth, and the IAC is committed to bringing those goals to fruition through its strategic plan.

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