Conexus Indiana Announces Results of Strategic Initiatives

Central Indiana Corporate Partnership Works with Conexus Indiana To Launch Central Regional Logistics Council



Conexus News

“Conexus Issues Roadmap for State’s Logistics Future,” Inside Indiana Business 8/7/14

“Annual Manufacturing and Logistics Health Reports Provide Vital Data for Future Growth Initiatives,” Inside Indiana Business 8/7/14

“Making Connections,” Building Indiana Magazine July/August 2014, Page 9

“New Partnership Aim to Grow Hoosier Logistics,” Building Indiana Magazine July/August 2014, Page 54

“Discussions for an intermodal facility in city keep on trucking,” Fort Wayne Business Weekly 7/11/14

“Think tank issues a ‘road map’ for Southern Indiana,” Evansville Courier & Press 6/28/14

“Logistics Council Unveils ‘Bold’ Strategic Plan, Inside Indiana Business 6/17/14

“Groups hope to revive Indiana Commerce Connector,” IBJ 4/6/14

“Conexus Announces New Logistics Council,” IIB 3/27/14

“Industry Helping Build Students’ ‘Middle Skills’, IIB 2/26/14

“Building Talent, Infrastructure a 2014 Priority,” IIB 3/18/14

“Redevelopment Commission Talks Taxes,” Stacey Page Online 2/13/14

Articles of Significance to the Logistics Industry

“Ohio/Indiana center forms partnership on drones,” IBJ 9/3/14

“Google Is Testing Delivery Drone System,” WSJ 8/29/14

“Pence Taps State Rep to Lead DWD,” IIB 8/28/14

“Sparks Fly on Privatizing Air-Traffic Control,” WSJ 8/24/14

“The Feds Stall Self-Driving Cars,” WSJ 8/24/14

“Technology Helps Pilots Land in Fog,” WSJ 8/19/14

“U.S. 31 Passes Another Milestone,” IIB 8/18/14

“Shrinking Revenue Spurs Gas Tax Alternatives,” 8/14/14

“Widespread Commercial Drone Flights ‘Years Away’,” WSJ 8/10/14

“Monroe County alters ordinance that sparked I-69 suit,” IBJ 8/10/14

“How Do You Insure a Driverless Car,” WSJ 8/7/14

“Highway Fund Problems Renew Support for Long-Term Fix,” Inside Indiana Business 8/7/14

“Poll: Americans split over how to pay for better roads,” 8/5/14

“Highway-Funding Measure Clears Congress,” WSJ 7/31/14

“Leg of I-69 project now due open by end of 2015,” IBJ 7/27/14

"U.S. Seeks New Rules for Rail Transport of Fuel," WSJ 7/23/14

“New Bridge Proposal Could Save Millions,” IIB 7/17/14

“State Siphon Gas Tax for Other Uses,” WSJ 7/16/14

“Panel: Funding Key to Transportation Transformation,” IIB 7/11/14

“Illiana highway ruling slowed by wildlife concerns,” IBJ 6/11/14

“State excels in manufacturing and logistics, but issues loom,” IBJ 6/11/14

“Natural Gas Making Tracks as a Transportation Fuel,” Inside Indiana Business 6/11/14

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