Indiana’s logistics leaders came together by the formation of CILC to establish a clear path toward continuing to grow and expand the state’s position as the “Crossroads of America.” Their unprecedented collaboration brought forth two plans: in 2010 Phase 1: A Plan for Indiana’s Logistics Future, and in 2014, Delivering Indiana’s Logistics Future.

From 2008 to 2010, CILC developed the short-term strategies and tactics outlined in Phase I: A Plan for Indiana’s Logistics Future. By traveling the state and meeting with elected officials, economic development groups and statewide logistics executives, CILC was able to implement many of the recommendations from Phase I. In fact, Phase I has been widely utilized by Indiana’s Congressional delegation, Indiana Governors Mike Pence and Mitch Daniels, the Indiana Department of Transportation, the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, the Ports of Indiana, statewide trade associations, local economic development groups and many other important stakeholders.

From 2010 to 2014, CILC launched its second strategic plan, Delivering Indiana’s Logistics Future, which includes long-term strategies and tactics, federal and state financing solutions on funding recommendations in the first plan, and future long-term innovations needed for the logistics industry.

Together, these two plans lay out ambitious – and achievable – strategies and specific tactics needed to accomplish them. Delivering Indiana’s Logistics Future also documents the achievements and successes of many of those tactics outlined in the first strategic plan and provides a status of all the other tactics.

Perhaps most emblematic of the value of the two plans is the fact that CILC’s plan was used by Governor Mike Pence’s Blue Ribbon Panel for Transportation Infrastructure, which was co-chaired by Cathy Langham, president of Langham Logistics and CILC vice-chair, and Lt. Gov. Sue Ellspermann. This impressive panel of logistics industry representatives used the strategic plan as a starting point or menu to identify and prioritize infrastructure projects with statewide significance and to make recommendations on funding and policies that will ensure the State can finish what it started, maintain what it has and build the next generation of projects.   



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Phase I: A Plan for Indiana's Logistics Future

Blue Ribbon Panel on Transportation Infrastructure Final Report to Governor Pence July 9, 2014