Moving Products and People

Indiana is known as the "Crossroads of America" with its central location and significant assets to facilitate the transportation of goods across the country and around the world. 

Logistics is an industry segment on the verge of explosive growth due to the fact that U.S. freight movement is expected to double by 2035. And while Indiana is poised to benefit from this growth, it will only happen if Indiana has a comprehensive statewide strategy to address infrastructure needs such as multimodal rail, identify public policy priorities and build a skilled workforce.

That's why Conexus Indiana developed a statewide strategic plan to strengthen the state's public and private logistics infrastructure and to advance public policy issues that will favorably impact the logistics industry. At the same time, Conexus is working to develop innovative workforce programs and increase awareness of careers in logistics.

Indiana's pillar of strength

Indiana has solid infrastructure and geographic advantages to move freight across the state, the nation and around the world.


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Did you know?

Each year, 724 million tons of freight travel through Indiana, making it the 5th busiest state for commercial freight traffic.

Indiana maintains a network of more than 680 commercial and general aviation airports.

Indiana ranks 15th in the nation in total foreign and domestic waterborne shipping with 67.5 million tons. 

Indiana ranks 4th in total freight railroads with 41.

Indiana ranks 9th among all states for railroad mileage with 4,448 miles.

75 percent of the United States and Canadian populations live within one day's truck drive of Indiana.

No state has more pass-through interstates than Indiana.

Indiana has the 6th largest cargo airport in the nation at Indianapolis International Airport.

Indiana is 10th in the nation in rail tons originated with 50,331,803 tons.