Workforce Development Needs

Indiana ranks number one in the U.S. when it comes to per capita manufacturing employment. 17% of Hoosier jobs are in manufacturing. Add to that the number of people employed in logistics and supply chain and you’ll find that a full one in five people earns her livelihood here in Indiana making and moving products.

With such a profound impact on the state, it’s vitally important that Indiana’s Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics (AML) talent keep pace with industry needs. Right now in Indiana, these industries boast thousands of job openings, a wage premium of 30 to 40 percent, and tech-laden manufacturing and logistics environments that would be foreign to the industry’s workforce of just 30 years ago. These attributes present new challenges when it comes to workforce development, and Conexus Indiana is leading the charge to help our AML industry continue to grow.

Workforce Development Solution

Conexus Indiana was created to capitalize on Indiana’s AML industry, leveraging our strong position to become the global Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics leader. Our number one focus?  Workforce development. Baby boomer retirements, new technologies, and rising manufacturing costs overseas mean more career opportunities for Hoosiers. The driving question: How do we create a pipeline of skilled workers ready to contribute to manufacturing and logistics operations from day one?  The Conexus answer:

  • Dream It. Do It. Indiana: Update industry perceptions
    Did you know that AML workers are more likely to use a computer than stand on an assembly line? Dream It. Do It. Indiana is the vehicle Conexus uses for awareness and outreach, helping students understand the industry and its exciting career opportunities.
  • Hire Technology: Enroll students in industry-driven coursework
    A traditional high school diploma isn’t enough. Industry-specified content, college credits, and national credentials are paramount when it comes to preparing students for middle-skill AML jobs. This is why Hire Technology includes them all.
  • Conexus A+ Partners: Connect AML students to local AML employers
    Successful AML students don’t automatically find their way to local AML employers; they need both knowledge of local employers and access to them. Conexus Indiana’s A+ Partner program connects students with employers, creating a bridge from high school to the workforce.
  • Conexus Interns: Provide students with relevant AML experiences
    Select students with an interest and skill in AML careers compete for local AML internships, providing them with real-world experience, and providing employers with an extended look at an emerging pool of talent just waiting to be hired as full-time employees.

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