Board Member
Andrew Baker
Vice President for Government Relations at Rolls-Royce in Indianapolis

Baker has direct accountability for building effective relationships with key government, industry and community stakeholders within Indiana. Previously and during a more than decade-long spell in Rolls-Royce’s Reston, Virginia offices he served as vice president, government and environmental affairs where he was responsible for securing congressional funding on behalf of the Rolls-Royce fuel cell systems business. Previously, Baker served for four years within Rolls-Royce’s defense aerospace business development function in the U.K. where he was responsible for leading a variety of market development activities. He graduated with a bachelor of arts in business administration and a master of science in sales and marketing from Loughborough University. Outside of his responsibilities at Rolls-Royce, Baker sits on several Indiana-based boards and has served as president of the British-American Business Association, a transatlantic business association based in Washington D.C. representing over 200 business members.

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