National Collegiate Case Competition

Solve Problems Drawn Directly from Today’s AML Marketplace

Conexus’s National Collegiate Case Competition provides opportunities for students enrolled in two- and four-year degree programs to get involved in authentic advanced manufacturing and logistics (AML) challenges as part of a diverse team.

Participants apply the skills they’ve learned in the classroom to problems confronting employers in the real world. Working with peers from a variety of specialties—accounting, marketing, supply chain, engineering, and more—students assess scenarios, develop solutions, and present their findings to professionals, leaders, and experts from the AML industry.

  “The competition gave me confidence to know that I can solve complex business problems.”

–Michelle Harvey, 2017 Conexus Indiana Case Competition Participant

  “. . . an amazing addition not just to my resume but also to my personal insight into how group projects work.”

Steven Kwak, 2020 Conexus Indiana Case Competition Winner

  “I was able to make great connections there!”

–Sarah Williams, 2020 Conexus Indiana Case Competition Winner

The Competition

  • Collaborate: Each team includes four students.
  • Solve the Challenge: An Indiana company will provide the real-time case challenge, giving students 24 hours to develop a solution.
  • Demonstrate Skills: A panel of industry experts will hear each team’s solution and determine the winner.
  • Network: Students have time to network with industry executives and visit companies that are looking for talent.
  • Win Awards: Prizes are awarded to teams representing students in bachelor’s degree programs, and to those seeking associate degrees.

Up for the challenge?

Registration for the next Case Competition is not yet open. Contact Sarah Harrison to learn more.