We amplify awareness and understanding of the impact and opportunity of advanced manufacturing and logistics in Indiana with its stories.

Amplify Awareness and Understanding

Indiana has always been an advanced manufacturing and logistics powerhouse. It’s just that few people know that. There is a lack of awareness of Indiana’s leadership position, the opportunities for good-paying careers and the increasingly important role technology plays in today’s AML industry. The misperception of advanced manufacturing and logistics as dirty, low-paying, low skill jobs is a national issue. But we have the stories here in Indiana that will help change perceptions. Conexus Indiana is embarking on a robust awareness campaign to build a renewed appreciation for Indiana’s position as first in the nation in manufacturing intensity and the “Crossroads of America.” This campaign will uncover all the fascinating and at time life-changing work happening in Indiana behind closed walls. We’ll uncover Indiana’s untold stories. You’ll be surprised to learn about what’s made here and what moves through Indiana.