With research and industry partnerships, Conexus has the logistical big picture that can help any company take advantage of the Crossroads of America

Driving growth for Indiana’s logistics sector

It’s no accident that Indiana is the nation’s logistics leader – or that Conexus Indiana has made logistics a centerpiece of its work to support economic growth in Indiana.

From its earliest days, Indiana capitalized on its central location by building the infrastructure needed to move goods across the nation. Today, it continues that momentum by pouring resources into enhancing and upgrading its 21st century logistics infrastructure, advancing its workforce, and partnering with leaders in business and government to highlight critical public policies leading to logistics industry growth.

The result? Indiana continues to earn and grow its reputation as the “Crossroads of America.” Indiana has strengthened the public and private assets needed to give the logistics industry every advantage – and to fully leverage a sector that represents 8 percent of U.S. GDP.

Conexus Indiana leads initiatives, research, partnerships, and opportunities for the logistics industry, economic development officials, public and private investors, government, educators and more. Central to this effort is the Conexus Indiana Logistics Council, a statewide partnership of logistics executives and stakeholders working together to implement strategic initiatives around infrastructure, innovation, public policy, and workforce development needs. CILC also created six regional logistics councils that identified the regional and local needs in their respective areas.

In addition, the Conexus Indiana Logistics Council makes available data, information, best practices and news that help Indiana logistics businesses compete successfully.

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The Indiana Advantage
in U.S. interstate access
intermodal rail facilities
largest FedEx hub in the world
of top 125 cargo airports serving Indiana
public ports (1 Lake Michigan, 2 Ohio River)
private ports (3 Lake Michigan, 64 Ohio River)

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