Studies and data outline the state of the logistics industry in Indiana and the nation

Understanding Indiana’s Logistics Sector

These studies originating with government, business and academic sectors, provide data and in-depth background about the state of the logistics industry in Indiana and across the nation. Click on a title to download individual studies.

Studies Links & Downloads

USDOT Freight Facts and Figures 2015

The 11th edition of Freight Facts and Figures, developed by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, provides information about freight movement in the United States.

USDOT Transportation Economic Trends 2016

Transportation Economic Trends is a report by the Bureau of Transportation Studies. It looks at transportation and the economy by highlighting subjects such as freight and passenger movement, transportation-related employment, government transportation spending and revenue and the costs that households and businesses pay for transportation.

FHWA Contributions and Crossroads Report

This report includes a 100-year overview of the Federal-aid Highway Program, which was made possible in 1916 by the Federal-aid Road Act. This was the first federal legislation that provided significant funding to improve and expand the country's road system.  

Indiana Local Road and Bridge Conditions

This report from 2016 provides a snapshot of the condition of 64,684 miles of Indiana roads and bridges. Data were submitted by local agencies and represented 312 asset plans for roads and 42 for bridges.

Indianapolis International Airport Economic Impact Study

The Economic Contribution of the Indianapolis International Airport study was conducted by the Indiana University Public Policy Institute and measures the airport's economic impact on Marion County and its impact on the local market, job creation and facilities growth across local business sectors.

Freight-Rail Bottom Line Report

The Freight-Rail Bottom Line Report, commissioned by The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), explores the issues, costs, public benefits, and policy options for investing in the railroad system. The report looks at how railroads can play a role in relieving expected increases in truck pressure on the nation’s highways.