Indiana launches program to attract logistics investment

“Conexus Indiana” is the first initiative to promote logistics opportunities at the statewide level, official says. (Full Article)
By: Mark B. Solomon
Posted: August 25, 2010


Indiana has launched what officials there say is the first statewide program to expand the role of logistics in attracting business investment. The program also aims to create jobs in a state that is struggling with double-digit unemployment.

The initiative, called “Conexus Indiana,” is designed to steer businesses towards manufacturing and logistics opportunities, in part by highlighting the state’s geographic allure as the self-styled “Crossroads of America.” The initiative is part of a broad, multi-industry campaign that also involves luring companies and investors in the life sciences, information technology, and financial services sectors to the state, which in July reported a 10.2 percent unemployment rate, higher than the national average.

David Holt, Conexus Indiana’s vice president, operations and business development, said that while cities like Columbus, Ohio, and Kansas City, Mo., have similar programs to draw investment by highlighting their logistics infrastructure, Indiana is the first state to have moved in that direction.

“There is no entity like us on a statewide level,” he said.

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