Post-secondary Programming

The Conexus Indiana Logistics Council (CILC) is deepening the talent pool for the supply chain and logistics industry through its on-campus and on-location events.

The majority of today’s logistics industry professionals do not have degrees in supply chain management or operations – in fact these degree offerings didn’t exist until 15 years ago. However, as globalization shrinks the world and lengthens supply chains, the demand for highly skilled logistics professionals has never been higher.

On-Campus Events

On-campus events are designed to connect students directly with industry professionals. CILC companies send supply chain and logistics professionals to campuses to participate in panel discussions followed by a networking hour. By engaging students to explore degrees and careers in supply chain and logistics, Conexus Indiana is ensuring that the industry challenges of tomorrow can be met.

On-Location Events

Students at Indiana post-secondary institutions have the opportunity to go on-location to Indiana logistics and manufacturing companies and experience real-life applications of classroom concepts. While visiting, students get an in-depth look at varying facets of logistics and supply chain operations through integrated facility tours and interaction with company employees – from entry-level to executive. The goal is to encourage students to consider taking courses and eventually pursuing careers in supply chain and logistics.

Delivering Logistics Careers