Conexus spotlights Industry 4.0 emerging technology companies

New technologies, data and processes are revolutionizing how we make and move products. Conexus Indiana is invested in ensuring Indiana leads the way in this effort. One of the ways we are focused on this work is by learning about existing products, services and companies that movers and makers across Indiana can utilize to make themselves more productive, efficient and competitive.

In September, we hosted the Emerging Technology Forum as part of the Networked Community’s working groups to showcase two such companies providing advanced technology solutions.

First, Siera.AI, formerly Stocked Robotics, created a software platform that retrofits forklifts with automation technology to allow a manually operated class 3 forklift to run without a driver or with one if the software is turned off. The company also has a safety application to ensure the forklift doesn’t ever have an accident with a human or with other items within a warehouse.

The second company we heard from was Lucd, an enterprise artificial intelligence platform company that is driving digital transformation AI solutions focused on governance, explainability and collaboration.  Offering a combination of cloud and on-premise hosted AI Platform as a Service offerings and a consultative approach to engineering business centric solutions.  The company has deep experience with solutions for supply chain, as well as retail, healthcare and finance verticals.

Both companies emphasized the way advanced technologies can improve how a company is operating right now by solving specific business needs.

In the case of Siera.AI, CEO Suhas Ahuja stressed they don’t want to replace forklift drivers but instead they can support the current workforce shortage problems many facilities are facing.

Lucd shared the vision that all business units can benefit from utilizing AI to solve a wide array of challenges.  Company Vice President of Product Strategy, Mark Stadtmueller, said “HR, finance and logistics professionals could use data and models across business units in a well governed platform avoiding siloed approaches that limit the value gained.”.

To learn more about the emerging technology forum, please reach out to Mitch Landess, at