Work-based Learning

Preparing the Future Workforce for In-Demand, Rewarding Careers

Advanced manufacturing and logistics (AML) is growing rapidly in Indiana, and there is no lack of rewarding, lucrative careers in these industries. But our state still faces a shortage of qualified workers, and part of the reason is because many young people don’t have sufficient training or even the awareness to know these careers exist. With about 30% of Hoosiers finishing high school without a plan for higher education or defined starting point for a career, there is a tremendous opportunity to overcome these challenges.

One of the best ways to help prepare young people for the workforce is
through real-world experience that can help them hit the ground running
once they graduate high school or college.

Learn more about work-based learning programs like Modern Apprenticeship or get connected with a Regional AML Ambassador in your community to get started.

Modern Apprenticeship

Modern Apprenticeship (MAP) is a work-based learning program for Central Indiana high school students, giving them the hands-on career training they need to thrive in AML.

We partner with MAP to help employers establish a talent pipeline to meet current and future staffing needs. Through high school apprenticeship programs, employers can introduce students to careers in AML and shape their career decisions.

Regional Ambassadors

Not sure where to begin? Connecting with a Regional AML Ambassador may be the place to start.

Our regional ambassadors live and work in your community. Their focus is on connecting local AML companies and school corporations to assist with CTE programming and increase work-based learning opportunities in high school. The first phase of the ambassadors program is deployed in DWD Regions 2, 3, 6 and 9.

Want to get started with work-based learning?

Visit the MAP website or reach out to our ambassadors at to learn if the program is available in your area.

Visit MAP website