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At Conexus, we place tremendous value on the industry, education, and public-sector partnerships that are creating new opportunities for advanced manufacturing and logistics (AML) in Indiana. Today, we have more than 130 industry partners across the state, and that list continues to grow.

Our partners help us identify opportunities and create programs that grow and advance AML across our entire state. In other words, we don’t just help our partners get better; they help us improve the entire industry, too.

If you’d like to partner with us, we’re ready.

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The Power of Collaboration

We believe that working together toward a common goal is the most effective way to support our industries and help them take full advantage of Industry 4.0. Our objective is to propel AML forward in two primary ways:

  • Leveraging digital technology to increase Indiana’s competitiveness, productivity, and profitability in AML
  • Addressing AML’s most pressing talent needs

We have built a network of industry, education and public-sector leaders who serve leadership roles on our Advanced Industries Council. We also have working groups with subject matter experts who dive deep into specific projects and issues. And we have almost 100 opportunities for people to engage with us through events, educational programs, and networking.

We’re All In This Together

Regardless of how you’re involved in AML, we can help you achieve greater success. We provide a forum where companies can share best practices—and identify opportunities.

Conexus has the deep expertise, resources, and network to help motivate and enable tech adoption across AML while preparing our workforce for success. If you want to accelerate the transition to Industry 4.0 for your organization and our state, we are the partner of choice.

Strength Through Collaboration

We’ve already accomplished so much, but there’s a lot more potential for us to realize. So far, we’ve:

High school students inspired to pursue a career in AML
Industry partners across Indiana
$660 Million+
In innovation investments through Manufacturing Readiness Grants

We work with many of Indiana’s leaders in AML.

Check out some of our current funders.

Philanthropic and Public-Sector Funders

Corporate Sponsors

Our Collective Impact

Whether it’s through thought leadership, administering Industry 4.0 grants, or connecting top talent with AML careers, we’re already making a huge difference in just about every corner of our state. See for yourself how we’re reshaping the landscape of AML.

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