Working Groups

AML Specialists Advancing the Industry

Our working groups include industry, academic, and public-sector experts focused on the issues and challenges that impact the advanced manufacturing and logistics (AML) industries. Each group includes subject matter experts from member companies that provide insight and guidance to move AML forward in our state.

Current Working Groups


Develop a talent pipeline to prepare Hoosiers for meaningful careers in advanced manufacturing and logistics.


  • Advisory Committee
  • Remote workers, gig workers, foreign talent pipelines
  • State of the Workforce Report/Wage Data Survey


Prepare Indiana’s infrastructure to meet the needs of an ever-growing global supply chain.


  • State of Indiana Freight Planning Committee
  • Public Private Partnership

Workplace Safety / Environmental Sustainability

Consistently provide Hoosiers with safe careers in AML and accelerate the industries’ efforts to reduce environmental impacts.


  • Return to Work Peer Group
  • Peer to Peer Benchmarking
    • Recycling of battery components
    • Environmental sustainability best practices

Economic Development

Ensure that Indiana businesses have the resources to succeed in a global market. Projects:

  • Supply Chains of the Future
  • Advanced Mobility Leadership Committee
  • Health Care Cost Management
  • Public Policy
  • Small Business Working Group

Industry 4.0

Use the strength and diversity of our networked community to identify emerging technologies and share best practices.


  • Peer to Peer Platform
  • Emerging Tech Showcase

Public Awareness

Increase awareness of Indiana’s advanced manufacturing and logistics industries and their outsized impact on Hoosiers and the nation.


  • Supply Chain 4.0 Conference

Join a Group

Participating businesses can designate subject matter experts from their companies to be Working Group members. Your company’s representative can help to shape the policy, workforce, and marketing efforts that strengthen our AML industries.

Interested in being part of a working group? Contact us to learn how you or your company can get involved.

Working Groups
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