How Industry 4.0 Is Changing Our World

Industry 4.0 is a term used to acknowledge the fourth industrial revolution in advanced manufacturing and logistics (AML)—one that’s completely transforming how we make and move products across our state and world. While Industry 3.0 referred to the integration of IT, the Internet and computers into manufacturing and logistics, Industry 4.0 takes this a step further by signifying the adoption of machine learning, cloud computing, AI, and “smart” systems that refine and optimize processes based on data.

How Conexus Supports Industry 4.0

Indiana companies are at various stages of adopting Industry 4.0 principles and practices. We are focused on creating pathways for AML businesses to embrace Industry 4.0, making it easier for them to adopt new technologies and find new efficiencies to compete and succeed on a global scale. We’re doing this by fostering innovation, helping develop new talent, and creating collaborative partnerships that bring together AML-focused organizations big and small—and helping them share best practices to ensure a bright future for Indiana’s economy.

Real-World Application of Industry 4.0 Principles

While automation is nothing new, Industry 4.0 is completely changing the way automation works, making it more efficient, adaptive—and often able to accomplish complex tasks without human interaction. By compiling more and more data, machines become more capable every day and can enhance productivity in ways we could only dream about just a few years ago.

For example, imagine a business using sensors attached to every machine on their factory floor that help gather and analyze data about energy efficiency and total usage. This data can be compiled and used not only to help identify inefficiencies but also to predict when certain machines might need maintenance—or to be replaced altogether. Being able to plan ahead for equipment needs months or even years in advance provides a big advantage.

In the world of logistics, Industry 4.0 is equally relevant. If, for example, a long-haul trucking company needs to readjust its delivery time because a truck in the fleet breaks down, AI-driven algorithms can readjust schedules more quickly and effectively than their human counterparts.

While Industry 4.0 is changing the way AML works, it’s also providing opportunities for new workers in the fields of AI, automation, and machine learning. And these rewarding, lucrative careers will be here in Indiana for decades to come.

Demand for a Skilled Workforce

Just as technology will need to evolve to Industry 4.0 to stay competitive, our workforce must adapt. See what the demand for Industry 4.0 skills looks like in our dashboard. Click the image to see the whole dashboard.

Advancing Industry

Moving industry forward—and embracing the trends of the future—is crucial to our success. We’re dedicated to advancing industry and setting Indiana up to be a global leader in AML.

Cultivating Talent

Part of embracing Industry 4.0 means cultivating and empowering the next generation of talent. We aim to help prepare our partners and Hoosiers for the future.

Connecting Leaders

Collaboration between Indiana’s AML leaders enables innovation and progress that benefits the entire industry. We’re fostering those conversations.