Are You Ready for Industry 4.0?

We’re serious about making Indiana a global leader in manufacturing, and we believe Industry 4.0 is one of the quickest paths to getting there. We want to help your business meet the challenges of our rapidly evolving industry—helping you adopt the next generation of technology, fostering innovation through tech hubs, and finding the talent you need to innovate and grow.

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The Right People for the Job

Indiana is home to more than 9,300 manufacturers, with roughly one in five Hoosiers working in the industry. Demand for top talent continues to grow. Together with our academic and industry partners, we’re building and nurturing a strong talent pipeline so businesses like yours have the right people to support you as you move to Industry 4.0 and into the future. 

Adopting Smart Technology

The future of the AML industry is rapidly evolving—AI, robotics, and The Internet of Things are making AML more efficient, adaptive, and productive. Machines, workers, and systems are increasingly becoming more capable of accomplishing what we could only dream of just a few years ago.

We partner with the Indiana Economic Development Corporation to administer  Manufacturing Readiness Grants. These grants have helped businesses like yours make capital investments in smart manufacturing so you can accelerate your transition to Industry 4.0.

Real-World Results

It’s one thing to say you’re helping an industry evolve—it’s another to prove it. We’ve  worked with countless partners across a variety of specialties—manufacturers, sure, but also high schools and career centers—who have stories to tell about their successful use of talent development resources and programs or the adoption of Industry 4.0 technology. Check out some of them below.

Connect with Us

From talent development to leading-edge technology, helping businesses like yours is what fuels Indiana’s pursuit of global leadership in manufacturing and logistics. Let’s see what we can do together. 

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