We Are Conexus

At Conexus, we are a powerful network of industry, education, and public-sector leaders that’s strengthening Indiana’s competitive advantage in advanced manufacturing and logistics (AML). We leverage innovation and technology and address the most pressing talent needs to make AML more productive and profitable. Our goal is to make Indiana a global AML powerhouse and to ensure our state will be a leader in this sector for generations to come.

Where We Work

Our office is located at 16 Tech, a 50-acre innovation district in Downtown Indianapolis. It’s the epicenter of innovation and bold ideas where emerging enterprises and existing companies grow and thrive. We’re proud to be a part of this up-and-coming ecosystem that complements our focus and mission.

The Time Is Now

Our efforts are more important than ever. Indiana’s manufacturing sector accounts for 30% of our state’s gross domestic product (GDP) and creates jobs for more than 530,000 Hoosiers with an average compensation of more than $89,000 a year. Working together with our manufacturing base, Indiana’s logistics sector moves more than $720 billion in goods each year, employing more than 160,000 Hoosiers with an average compensation of $67,000.

With more than 250 partners, Conexus enables tech adoption across AML while also helping cultivate skilled talent that’s ready to meet the challenges of the Industry 4.0 economy.

More About Industry 4.0

Our Mission

Accelerate Indiana’s advanced manufacturing and logistics industry success by engaging a diverse network of industry, academic, philanthropic, and public-sector partners aligned and activated around a unified vision.

Our Vision

Affirm Indiana as the center of innovation and digital transformation for advanced manufacturing and logistics.

Our Vision

Affirm Indiana as the center of innovation and digital transformation for advanced manufacturing and logistics.

Our Values


Empower each person to act with confidence.

Take Responsibility

Assume accountability for ourselves and others in actions and commitments.


Constantly innovate, improve, and ask questions. Understand and navigate challenges by learning from each other.

Be Collaborative and Inclusive

We do our best when we do it together with respect and humility.

Our Organization

The Central Indiana Corporate Partnership (CICP) fosters growth and innovation in crucial sectors of Indiana’s economy. It brings together leaders from many of our state’s corporations, foundations, and universities while encouraging conversations and collaboration.

CICP has identified and supports five talent and industry sector initiatives focused on: agbiosciences, talent and workforce development, life sciences, advanced manufacturing and logistics, and technology. CICP has created an advanced industry initiative for each of these sectors and each initiative supports the growth of its respective industry.

Conexus is the initiative focused on advanced manufacturing and logistics, and we work together with CICP to achieve our mission. The four other initiatives created by CICP include: AgriNovus Indiana, Ascend Indiana, BioCrossroads, and TechPoint.

Our team is made up of some of the sharpest minds in our state, all working together to position Indiana as a global leader in AML for decades to come. Get to know the people who make us great.

Meet the Team

Whether you’re an AML business, a public-sector organization, or an educational institution, we want to partner with you. Find out more about all the advantages a partnership with Conexus brings.