Reflecting on Indiana’s Manufacturing Month celebrations

October is the month of celebration for manufacturing, led by the Manufacturing Institute nationally,  with a goal of showing the reality of modern manufacturing careers by encouraging companies and educational institutions to open doors to their community in an effort to make the industry better understood, appreciated and desirable.

The 2019 figures aren’t final yet, but in 2018 more than 267,000 students across the country attended Manufacturing Day events and were able to experience innovative technologies like AI and IoT that define modern manufacturing. These visits are shown to have real impact: of the students who attended in 2018, 84 percent were more convinced that manufacturing provides careers that are interesting and rewarding and 64 percent were motivated to pursue a manufacturing career.

This year, more than 200 events were celebrated across Indiana and the Conexus Indiana team volunteered 100 hours to support several events. Take a peek at how companies and organizations in Indiana celebrated: