Partnership between IU Health and Langham Logistics helps to maintain capacity during COVID-19 pandemic

As COVID-19 spreads throughout the United States, production and distribution of medical supplies are essential to keeping our communities healthy.  As one of the largest healthcare providers in the state of Indiana, Indiana University Health plays a significant role in managing care for patients affected by the virus.  IU Health’s partnership with Indianapolis-based 3PL Langham Logistics ensures a steady flow of supplies to 17 of the network’s sites throughout the state.

The companies started working together in June of 2018, and business continues to remain steady since the outbreak due largely to the fact that the operation is handled by Langham’s dedicated Fleet of trucks.  Since Langham Logistics has direct control over management of the freight, Operations Fleet Manager Michael Flora can oversee the program to ensure that there are no capacity constraints on shuttles between facilities.

“The shuttle program’s success is critical, as it involves the distribution of thousands of medical device and supply items,” said Flora, “we value the work that the IU Health Staff does in our community and are honored to support them.  We have developed a 4-tier contingency plan in case the operation is impacted by the coronavirus.”

Langham’s 4-tier system involves the following efforts which ensure the program’s stability through the utilization of:

  1. Langham day shift drivers to support the night shift
  2. Vetted and existing partner carrier drivers to supplement the current fleet
  3. A network of straight trucks for expedited deliveries
  4. Langham employees riding with partner carriers to complete inside deliveries

IU Health issued the following statement with regard to its work with Langham Logistics:

“Given the current state of the pandemic, it is reassuring to have our partnership with Langham Logistics. Our deliveries are made on time or early every single day. They understand the importance of our work and support our mission. We don’t have to worry about whether or not supplies needed for patient care are being delivered to our hospitals. Reliable partnerships are extremely important especially with the challenges we are experiencing with COVID-19. We keep an open line of communication and Langham proactively addresses any potential barriers. Their dedication allows us to focus our attention on procuring supplies and enables us to get them where they are needed when they are needed.”