Free online skills training for Indiana employers

As a part of the State’s Rapid Recovery initiative, the Indiana Department of Workforce Development has engaged 180 Skills to deliver skills training to all Indiana employers at no cost.

Based in Indianapolis, 180 Skills has the world’s largest library of online skills training for the manufacturing and logistics sector. Their library of more than 720 skills courses is used by employers, academic institutions, and workforce development agencies to create, grow and retain the next generation of skilled workers. 180 Skills has prepared over 250,000 learners, including students in the Summer Conexus Interns class, for great jobs in manufacturing and logistics.

The 180 Skills online library has over 500 technical courses that build skills in CNC machining, Industrial Maintenance, Robotics and Automation, Blueprint Reading, OSHA Safety, Metrology, Logistics and many other technical areas.

It also includes more than 150 skills courses on essential, non-technical skills needed by all employers including communication skills, team building skills, diversity skills, Microsoft Office skills, career building skills, personal finance skills and basic math skills.

“We have skills courses for everyone in the organization,” says Joe Kitterman, 180 Skills CEO. “Our library can help companies train and onboard new employees quickly, and it can be used to upskill and retain incumbent workers”.

There are currently more than 100 Indiana companies that are taking advantage of this program. There is no limit to the number of employees a company can enroll, and each company gets its own private team space on the 180 Skills learning management system. 180 Skills also provides startup services for each company, including system training, and help organizing the courses to align with each employers training goals.

For more information please contact Brenda Cooley, Director External Relations at .