100 IN 100: Touring Montgomery County Businesses

In Montgomery County, our 100 in 100 journey took us to a pair of companies that are close collaborators and partners in growth. 

The Hudson family has been creating manufacturing jobs in Montgomery County for four generations, originally as Hudson Machine Tool and now as Guardian Technology Group. Growing from a small family operation, Guardian Technology Group has grown to one that specializes in multi-step manufacturing for customers in the automotive, defense and energy markets and exports products around the globe. Recognizing the need for diversity, the company continues to expand its client base, nurturing a fast-growing business that manufactures mowers for golf course greens.  

While on site at Guardian Technology Group this summer we saw their patented mower. The mower, which is lighter than the standard commercial mower, has 120 parts and only one of them is produced outside of Guardian Technology Group. To ensure ongoing growth, Guardian is strengthening its e-commerce operations and its export proficiencies.  

And that’s where its local collaborator comes in.  

Housed in the same location, Rev Up Manufacturing offers a range of engineering and manufacturing integration services to area manufacturers, including CNC machining, assembly, welding, laser cutting and 3D printing. They also offer strategic integration solutions for data collection and analysis, e-commerce, production systems and technology adoption. Dedicated to helping its customers increase efficiency and streamline operations, the four-year-old firm has been augmenting Guardian Technology Group’s operation by strengthening its e-commerce and tapping into an export program through the Indianapolis Economic Development Corporation.  

This post is a part of a series called 100 IN 100 – a look at Conexus Indiana’s staff visits to advanced manufacturing and logistics employers across the state. Conexus is visiting 100 companies in 100 days during the spring and summer of 2022.