Infrastructure studies reveal new tools for efficient freight movement through Indiana

As the “Crossroads of America,” Indiana has built one of the nation’s strongest transportation networks, moving more than 724 million tons of freight each year. Conexus Indiana, in partnership with the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) and engineering firm HNTB, completed several research projects to equip INDOT with the data, tools and insights needed to ensure Indiana’s transportation infrastructure continues to drive economic growth and enhance Hoosiers’ quality of life.


The two research projects include:

  • “Analyzing Multimodal Connectivity: Usefulness of Various Data, Tools” analyzes 23 different datasets and tools for freight connectivity, uncovering several new tools and datasets that could be added to INDOT’s current data suite.
  • “Economic Development Along Indiana Roadways (EDAIR)” is a tool developed for INDOT that scores Indiana’s roadways to determine which roads are most critical to Indiana’s economic development growth, particularly for the state’s critical Advanced Industries.

Download the summaries of each study below.