Emerging Tech Showcase: Aligning Business Value and Sustainability in Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics Supply Chains

Event Summary

Companies increasingly face requirements from supply chain partners and regulators to disclose and manage their carbon footprint. At the same time, new technologies and incentives have made carbon reduction more attainable than ever before.

On November 30, Conexus Indiana held a webinar with Gravity to demonstrate how deploying sustainability solutions can enhance advanced manufacturing and logistics firms’ operations, provide a competitive edge to win and retain customers and prepare firms for the new regulations and reporting requirements. Gravity is a software provider helping companies across Indiana to easily meet disclosure requests, find and implement cost-saving projects and extend carbon action across AML value chains.

Webinar Recording

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(5 mins) Welcome & Introduction

  • Ryan Henderson, Director of Innovation & Digital Transformation at Conexus Indiana

(30 mins) Sustainability Solutions for Supply Chains in Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics

  • Jay Ruckelshaus, Ph.D., Climate Strategy at Gravity

(20 mins) Audience Q&A

  • Facilitated by Conexus Indiana