Indiana Shines at the Consumer Electronics Show

Earlier this month, Conexus Indiana joined the Indiana Department of Economic Development at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas representing Indiana’s advanced industries. We sat down with our own Jordan Isaacs, Senior Director of Industry Development, to get some takeaways from the conference.

What were some of the interesting things that you saw/heard?

From a gadget and technology perspective there were three big themes: autonomous technology, energy and AI. Everything from large automotive companies to small EV startup brands was at the show and there was a robust startup presence with companies from all over the world. There was a section dedicated to health tech innovation that showcased technology that supports happier, healthier living.

What impression did show attendees have about Indiana’s advanced industries?

This was the third year that the IEDC led a coalition of Hoosiers to Las Vegas for CES to put Indiana on a global stage and the state was front and center for show attendees. It was clear this year that people recognized Indiana and were aware of the state as a global leader in racing and automotive. This also provided the Hoosier coalition the opportunity to share more about our emerging industries and big swings in semiconductors and EV/battery technology. I was specifically struck by the number of people who visited the booth and mentioned that they grew up or spent time in Indiana and were excited, energized and proud of the work the state was doing to embrace next-generation technologies.

If you could share one big takeaway from the conference, what would it be?

The future is bright, and this show shines a spotlight on how the nascent inventions of today will impact our lives 5, 10 and 20 years into the future. CES is where people come to learn about the future of technology and it’s ultimately up to us (the consumer) to how we shape it! 

2024 Consumer Electronics Show