Peer to Peer Network Event: Engaging The AML Tech Ecosystem

Hosted by Conexus Indiana

February 15, 2023
12-2 PM ET

About the Event

As members of the Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics (AML) Technology Ecosystem, please join Conexus Indiana on February 15, 2023, from 12-2 p.m. Eastern Time to explore how we can work together to better cultivate the relationships between the technology adopters (i.e., manufacturing companies), technology providers (i.e., automation consultancies) and industry support organizations (i.e., Conexus Indiana).

As Industry 4.0 technology adoption projects grow in frequency and expand in scope, many of Indiana’s small-to-medium manufacturers rely heavily on outside expertise and talent, aka the AML Tech Ecosystem [1], for project management, integration support, troubleshooting and training to ensure successful project implementations. It is clearly beneficial for Indiana’s economy if the outsourcing of these projects can be accommodated by in-state providers–and the Manufacturing Readiness Grants program also provides AML companies with a financial incentive to start their digital transformation journey.

The event is an opportunity for Indiana-based AML Technology Ecosystem participants to help shape and design a format/mechanism for inclusion into the Conexus Networked Community, develop metrics to measure the impact of this work and catalyze digital transformation momentum at advanced manufacturing and logistics companies.

The AML Tech Ecosystem Defined

[1] The AML Tech Ecosystem is the network of systems integrators, software and automation providers and technology vendors that sell Industry 4.0 solutions (hardware, software and equipment) into manufacturing and logistics companies, often assisting with project implementation and integration into manufacturing processes.


  • Welcome & Networking Lunch (30 mins)
    • Conexus Indiana & participants
    • Drinks and food will be provided!
  • AML Tech Ecosystem Defined (10 mins)
    • Ryan Henderson, Innovation & Digital Transformation at Conexus Indiana
  • Working Together to Cultivate the Ecosystem (20 mins)
    • Leighton Johnson, Innovation & Digital Transformation at Conexus Indiana
  • Facilitated Discussion (60 minutes)
    • Conexus Indiana & participants

Telamon Robotics’ Techman Cobot

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Peer-to-Peer Network Event: Engaging the AML Tech Ecosystem