Modern Apprenticeship Program

Discover In-Demand, Rewarding Careers

One of the best ways to help prepare young people for the workforce is
through real-world experience that can help them hit the ground running
once they graduate high school or college. The Modern Apprenticeship
(MAP) offers just that, giving Central Indiana high school students
the hands-on career training they need to thrive.

At Conexus, we partner with the MAP to help prepare young talent for
careers in advanced manufacturing and logistics (AML). Through this
program, participants can expect to earn college credit (if they choose to
pursue higher education), get paid work experience, build a professional
network, and more. The program typically begins during the student’s junior
year of high school.

Unprecedented Opportunities

AML is growing rapidly in Indiana, and there is no lack of rewarding, lucrative
careers in these industries. But our state still faces a shortage of qualified
workers, and part of the reason is because many young people don’t have
sufficient training or even the awareness to know these careers exist. With
about 30% of young Hoosiers finishing high school without a job, plan for
college, or a career path, there is tremendous opportunity to overcome this

MAP is a crucial part of the solution. As the program continues to gain
traction with employers, industry groups, academic institutions, community
organizations, government agencies, and others, we’re seeing the gap
between open positions and qualified workers start to close. And as interest
continues to grow, we don’t see this trend slowing down any time soon.

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