Battery Innovation Center


Our mission is focused on promoting the rapid development, testing, commercialization, and advanced learning of safe, reliable, high-performance, and lightweight energy storage systems for our commercial, defense, academic partners and industry.

Ways to Engage

  • Battery Manufacturing
    • Assisting with the development of manufacturing processes and capabilities, to fast track to full-scale manufacturing.
  • Testing, Evaluation, and Certification
    • Providing a large array of testing capabilities, which include battery cells through to full-scale large-format battery systems.
  • Technical Consultation and Training
    • The BIC provides in-depth experience, a vast network of expertise, industry training and advancement learning.
  • Membership
    • The BIC network is a collaboration between key partners in commercial, academia, and DoD sectors. Our members today include startup companies working on cutting-edge materials and technology, to large multi-national industry leaders. Membership with the BIC enables your company to network with our other members, along with support and training opportunities.