Indiana IoT Lab – Fishers


The Indiana IoT Lab is a facility in Fishers, Indiana designed to bring the emerging IoT sector together as a lab for innovation and collaboration. Individual memberships start at $1,000 annually. 

Ways to Engage


  • Networking with our members, sponsors, and partners expands your knowledge, presents alternate perspectives, and provides free-flowing ideas going beyond a singular focus, breaking down barriers to innovation.


  • The IoT Lab has partnered with organizations which specialize in leading Design Thinking Sessions to assist in defining your product, enhancing the customer experience, and finding your “why.”


  • Access to design software, coding hardware, soldering irons, test and measurement equipment, a laser cutter, CNC machines, and a complete wood shop, allows for rapid prototyping to condense project timelines.


  • When your project is complete, the IoT Lab is able to support deployment through a vast network of partners eager to see you succeed.