The Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC)


Indiana is the right place, with the right people, and the right setting to push your business forward.

Looking for a place to start or grow your business and really make an impact? The time is now, and Indiana is the state. We offer the environment, skillset and people to help you gain a competitive edge and make a difference.

Ways to Engage

Advanced Manufacturing

  • Consumer excitement around the future of manufacturing is palpable. Companies are poised to deliver on this sentiment and bring futuristic technologies to life. With Indiana’s strong legacy in automotive manufacturing, a deep pre-existing network and supply chain, and attractive benefits for employees including financial incentives, the future of advanced manufacturing has never looked more promising for today’s companies.  
  • For leaders looking to make strides in the manufacturing space, Indiana offers a supportive environment with benefits for employees and companies in equal measures. It’s one of the reasons Indiana has the second largest automotive industry in the U.S., and we invite you to bring your disruptive, savvy business plans to Indiana and let us help you reach your biggest, most ambitious advanced manufacturing goals. 

Logistics and Transportation

  • With the meteoric rise of e-commerce and logistics, there’s an undeniable opportunity to capitalize on the logistics and transportation industry. For decades, Indiana has been solidifying its infrastructure and leveraging its position as a centralized hub for U.S. logistics and by designing favorable business conditions for companies across the entire industry to increase profitability.  
  • Now we need sharp, pragmatic leaders to expand into our market and get ahead of growing demand. Straddling the line between America’s steel belt and agricultural heartland, Indiana is interwoven with major highways and rail lines. Access to the Great Lakes and the Ohio-Mississippi river system enables Indiana to have the only statewide international port system. Major airports, along with the second-largest FedEx hub in the world, gives Indiana a global reach by air. We promise real possibility in Indiana. Let’s make it yours together.