Wabash Heartland Innovation Network


WHIN’s mission is to develop its ten-county regional community as a very large scale, living laboratory for education and scientific research related to Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. The Wabash Heartland Innovation Network is an alliance of 10 counties in north-central Indiana, funded by the Lilly Endowment, devoted to working together to fuel prosperity by harnessing the power of internet-enabled sensors to develop our region into a global epicenter of digital agricultural and next-generation manufacturing.

Ways to Engage

Next-Gen Manufacturing

  • Develop Manufacturing Testbeds (DMET): Purdue’s Michael Golden Labs/Indiana Manufacturing Institute, enabling real-time analytics of manufacturing processes and delivery systems
  • Education: Develop content to increase regional employees’ productivity using smart, IoT-empowered tools
  • Implementation: Develop digital supply chain network model for participating manufacturers that can be used by procurement managers

Digital Agriculture

  • Develop Ag Testbeds: Purdue/Ivy Tech (ABE, ACRE, Ivy Tech farm, and regional sites)
  • Education: Career-ready certificates & ag producer/business trainings for digital readiness
  • Implementation: Sensor application/adoption

Regional Cultivation Fund

  • Education: Provide and increase job readiness, training, and educational opportunities for current and future workforce
  • Vitality: Increase attractiveness/usefulness of physical space for community benefit
  • Connectivity: Engage and connect residents in the Wabash Heartland Region