Digital Transformation Pathways with Purdue IN-MaC

About the Event
Conexus Indiana’s Emerging Technology Showcase Series featured “Digital Transformation Pathways with Purdue IN-MaC” in an interactive webinar on Thursday, May 13, 2021.

Purdue’s Indiana Manufacturing Competitiveness Center (IN-MaC) offers Indiana’s advanced manufacturing and logistics economy a collection of capabilities and expertise to invigorate manufacturing talent pipelines and overcome Industry 4.0 adoption barriers.

Summary of Key Programs

During the presentation, Purdue IN-MaC covered several ways to engage with its Intelligent Manufacturing Testbed, Education & Workforce Development, and Industry Implementation Programs. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite talking points from the presentation below.

  • IN-MaC’s Intelligent Manufacturing Testbed. A Demonstration Space for the ‘Art of the Possible’ in Smart Manufacturing: The facility is a resource for Indiana manufacturers and logistics companies that looking to get their hands dirty with digital technologies. It leverages both physical and digital components to demonstrate Industry 4.0 technologies and can assist companies with technology adoption projects. Some of the Testbed’s capabilities are digital twin, automated assembly processes, composite manufacturing, augmented /mixed/ virtual reality, technical cost modeling and embedded sensors.
  • The Education & Workforce Development Program: By pairing the virtual and physical world at the Intelligent Manufacturing Testbed facility, utilizing IN-MaC’s Design and Innovation Studios, and partnering with industry, Purdue is strengthening Indiana’s AML talent pipeline and helping students build skills relevant in the digital economy. Some of IN-MaC’s certification programs include training in both emerging and widespread Industry 4.0 technologies, like additive manufacturing, CNC machine programming, and other prototyping equipment. There are also many ongoing opportunities for industry to partner with IN-MaC for curriculum development in K-12 and beyond.
  • The Industry Implementation Program (I2P): IN-MaC offers machine consultation and turnkey solutions for manufacturing and logistics companies. The machine consultation services include areas like CAM training, fixture and tooling design and manufacturing, reverse engineering machined components, and more. IN-MaC’s turnkey solutions are best suited for Indiana companies that are looking to bring production in-house but may not know where to begin. The team can assist with setup and production optimization, as well as employee training at the Intelligent Manufacturing Testbed (or on-site if preferred). Finally, industry can partner with IN-MaC for a machine sensing predictive maintenance project. The team will evaluate a company’s equipment, put together a sensor package to fit the specific application, and build a custom dashboard to display the sensor data in real-time.

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Purdue IN-MaC Resources

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  • Click here to watch an example of Purdue IN-MaC’s Predictive Cost Modeling Research (no audio, visuals only)

About Conexus Indiana’s Emerging Tech Showcase Series

Conexus Indiana’s Emerging Technology Showcase is a series highlighting specific Smart Manufacturing solutions or programs that offer a value proposition to advanced manufacturing and logistics (AML) industries.

Conexus Indiana qualifies featured technologies or programs to be commercially launched while still early-stage. The intent is to give Indiana-based AML companies exposure and direct access to credible resources that offer a competitive advantage prior to its widespread adoption.

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