The Art of Modern Manufacturing – Audio Tour: Cimtech

Precise Beauty
By Michael Durr

Audio commentary by Ryan Henderson, director of Innovation and Digital Transformation, and Michael Durr, Indianapolis photographer and videographer.


Below the Circle Bev image, we are looking at a photo of sparkling precision parts at Cimtech, specialist in precision machine parts and fabrication. Michael, what are we– what are we lookin’ at here?


These items were just, you know, in the lobby– of their facility. And, you know, I kind of noticed that, you know, that they’re very intricate, like show a lot of the detail of– of what they’re able to do– as a company.

And I kinda looked off behind me, and there was– (LAUGH) a red round table in, like, a break room. And I– I asked if I can move some of the pieces around and– and use– it’s like direct sunlight that’s coming through one of the windows… it really kinda serves as almost like a still-life image– which I thought was– like, a cool addition to– to the series.

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