The Art of Modern Manufacturing – Audio Tour: Circle Bev

In the Mist of Innovation
By Michael Durr

Audio commentary by Ryan Henderson, director of Innovation and Digital Transformation, Michael Durr, Indianapolis photographer and videographer, and Sandra Cline, writer, editor and communications strategist.


As we go down the red carpet, we’re coming to the final six images. And the one on top here is from Circle Bev. They’re makers of Circle kombucha.


Yeah, this particular image, again, looking at that this is a series, right?.

We were kinda missing that wider shot. And I liked this one in particular because of the steam that’s coming up– and the light, the way it kinda, like, plays with it and interacts with it.

It’s funny that this company is– you know, makes incredibly colorful products. (LAUGH) So the cans are, you know, just super bright–


Yeah. So the technology here is a robotic sleeving process– that the company implemented. And while some of the bigger beverage manufacturers use this technology, it’s very innovative– for this size of company.

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