The Art of Modern Manufacturing – Audio Tour: C-I-T (Contract Industrial Tooling)

By Michael Durr

Audio commentary by Ryan Henderson, director of Innovation and Digital Transformation, Michael Durr, Indianapolis photographer and videographer, and Sandra Cline, writer, editor and communications strategist.


The laser work Michael shows us here is from CIT. They make precision parts for the automotive and aerospace industries in Indiana.


Yeah, these two images actually go well together– ’cause they’re very advanced in the technology that they’re using, and

So you can see in this one you have the hand– where he’s kind of wearing this– this mechanism (LAUGH) as a glove that’s scanning the piece that’s off in the background there being hit by, like, kinda the blue laser light.

Again, it has this kind of like abstract, you know, nature to it, where I’m hoping that people walk up and– and they see this image. And they just wonder, “What is going on here?” (LAUGH)

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