The Art of Modern Manufacturing – Audio Tour: Photon Automation

Looking Inside
By Michael Durr

Audio commentary by Ryan Henderson, director of Innovation and Digital Transformation, Michael Durr, Indianapolis photographer and videographer, and Sandra Cline, writer, editor and communications strategist.


Moving on, below the image is PHOTON AUTOMATION, and they specialize in laser welding applications for battery and electric vehicle markets. We’re actually looking at a fiber laser welding machine,.


I’m actually, like, inside the machine. I kinda asked if I could go behind. I knew it would look cool to kinda see him from that perspective.

And again, these aren’t really staged images. So I was– it was good timing– that he was kind of doing this process while I– while I was there.


It’s a proprietary system that is a multi-function, user-friendly machine. You can run it from your desk, from an iPad, from your phone. One of the– owners said, “It makes the laser play nicely with the robots.”

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