The Art of Modern Manufacturing – Audio Tour: Poolguard

Diving In
By Michael Durr

Audio commentary by Ryan Henderson, director of Innovation and Digital Transformation, and Michael Durr, Indianapolis photographer and videographer.


Moving along our red carpet. We’re gonna take a look at the next two images. On top Michael lets us look into the manufacturing process of Poolguard, makers of safety equipment for home pools.


Yeah, I think you– you saying “looking into–” it makes a good– a good example, because– this is the circuit board that’s inside the– the Poolguard– machine.

I think this a great example of– just– just kind of the– the whole concept of these– of these images and– as that behind the scenes, right? So, like, this is the thing that’s inside of the– the Poolguard– you know, machine, that you never see.

Yeah, it’s– from the technology standpoint it’s– it’s quite innovative. A lot of small to mid-size manufacturers won’t be– manufacturing the printed circuit boards in house, so– this project was– was a very big step for them.

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