Internships For The Future

Talking about exciting career opportunities in advanced manufacturing and logistics (AML) is one thing. Experiencing it is another.

Each year, hundreds of high school students are chosen for six-week work experiences with Hoosier advanced manufacturing and logistics companies. The first-of-its kind internship program pays high school students to work with skilled AML experts in quality inspection, warehouse management systems and Kaizen events, effectively translating classroom instruction into practical experience.

For industry partners, Conexus Interns gives them access to talent who know how to get the job done. Better yet, the Conexus Interns program provides support to launch paid internships at little or no cost to employers. Students must complete an internship application as well as meet a list of criteria, making sure that the most promising students are placed.

Conexus Indiana provides helpful resources for companies interested in hosting Conexus Interns. Download the Conexus Interns Program Framework to learn more. Companies interested in the Conexus Interns Program should fill out and submit an application.

Resources For Employers

Program Framework

Employer Application

Resources For Students

Student Application

The program is an imperative step to help industry in Indiana fill the needs of the future jobs and to have a well-rounded group of candidates prepared to take those positions.”

Andy Martindale Cardinal Fastener


of employers reported higher 5-year retention among employees hired via internship programs


of Conexus Interns reported they were more likely to pursue an advanced manufacturing or logistics career after their experience

For Students

  • Paid, six-week summer internships
  • Intern summits for career coaching, interpersonal-skills development and relationship building

For Companies

  • 100% funding of the internship in Year One, and 50% funding in Year Two
  • Programs tailored to industry needs and expectations
  • A focus on preparing students for advanced manufacturing and logistics careers or post-secondary studies in those fields

More than 850 students have been placed with 160 companies through Conexus Interns. Already, Conexus Interns are finding full-time career opportunities with Hoosier companies.